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Welcome to Oh Fifty - A Fifty Shades Fan Site!

This site was designed with a purpose. That purpose? To bring the Fifty Shades of Grey fan community together! 

We know that Fifty Shades fanatics want to know everything there is to know about EL James, the books, and the movies. Our goal is to create a fun, enjoyable, and positive atmosphere where Fifty Shades fans can come to get information, share information, and discuss everything Fifty Shades. We want to be your #1 source for all things Fifty Shades!

For your pleasure - and ours - we have included a blog that will be updated with all things Fifty Shades, a forum where fans can get together and discuss the Fifty Shades Trilogy, and a photo gallery that hosts a collection of faces, places, and items related to the Fifty Shades storyYou can follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and like us on Facebook too!

We also just wanted to remind all members and guests that this is a FAN site. Bashing of the Fifty Shades Trilogy in any capacity will not be tolerated! In an effort to avoid any drama and negativity and create a mature and fun community, we expect anyone that visits our site to respect others and their opinions. 



We are an unofficial Fifty Shades fan site. We are NOT affiliated with EL James, Random House, Vintage Books, Universal Studios, or Focus Features. We have no advanced information regarding casting or appearances.



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