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Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey fans can watch the new exclusive trailer for the film during tonights episode of ABC's Scandal at 9:00 PM Eastern or 8:00 PM Central. OMG! In the meantime, check out this sneak peek of what we're going to see in the new trailer!



  • shabz Thursday, 04 December 2014

    omg! it looks really good sooo excited!!!!!!:D

  • Laureydarling Thursday, 01 January 2015

    I'm excited for the movie to come out to see how well it goes along with the book. I also want to say the characters aren't exactly how i envisioned but hopefully they play out the roles to the best.

  • pamela brooks Wednesday, 04 February 2015

    I admit I also didn't think of Jamie Dornan as Christian but after seeing his amazing work in the BBC series The Fall (even with the long hair and beard) he struck me with his dark side in the role ..

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  • am Friday, 13 February 2015

    I was so excited to watch the movie But I was so dispointed about the movie they took out a lot of thing the book that I want to see . I give the two star . I love the end of movie . when they make other two movies .I for the dvd.

  • Karoline Friday, 13 March 2015

    Who knows the song in the Club scene, it is not on the soundtrack. Thanks

  • Mrs. Chatterly Monday, 23 March 2015

    I am curious about several moments in the movie and would love to get feedback. Had I been in Ana's shoes, a virgin at 21 (I lost mine at 20 in 1967, the Summer of Love) and someone with whom I was already enthralled flew me to his home in a helicopter and then leaned across the table to announce directly into the face: I don't make love. I fuck. Hard," the helicopter ride would have immediately zoomed down several notches in my estimation as would have its pilot. I might have walked out right then. But then.....that kiss in the elevator was quite something, so perhaps I would have, out of curiosity remained in my seat and asked "And the second?" The Red Room would have been a shock, for sure, but so surreal I might not have taken it all that seriously. No the deal breaker for me comes when Christian and Anna are in her room at his place and she asks "What would I get out this?" And he answers "Me." I would have fallen to the floor in hysterics. I would have been up for some light bondage(what we saw in the film), although I would have negotiated at least one sensual session of love making for every hard fuck. But the "me" answer? There is nothing worse than being with a narcissist and I know this from experience. Oddly, that man walked strangely, on his toes, the same way Jamie Dornan claims to have walked before he worked on correcting it. But I digress.

    Christian's mind is blown when he discovers Ana is a virgin and that "she's never done anything else" whatever that means. Obviously she's never experienced fellatio or cunnilingus or, it seems, even heavy petting, OK, I'll accept that. But when we discover she's never even masturbated at the age of 21 my willing suspension of disbelief crashes to the floor. By the age of six I had discovered that my nipples were a luscious source of sensation and masturbation started not long after. I knew early on what an orgasm felt like. At the age of fifteen a boy French kissed me and the minute he stuck his tongue in my mouth I had a powerful orgasm I said nothing about it to anyone as I was afraid it was best strange and at worst perverted .

    But from the minute Anastasia gets her pants rolled down and Christian softly kisses her inner thighs she is instantly aroused and then some. No anxiety or fear to blunt the sensations of her arousal. In the book Christian is able to bring Ana to orgasm simply by stimulating her nipples after which he tells her she is extremely responsive. So how does someone that responsive get to be 21 without having been turned on by SOMETHING along the way? Reading? Watching a film? Having a woolen shirt brush lightly over her nipples? I have no trouble believing that once Anastasia is initiated she becomes insatiable. That happened to me as well, much to my fiance's horror (we did not marry, my choice). But I do not buy that she was a totally clean slate prior to her second night(the first having been spent in an alcohol induced coma)with Christian.

    And now comes the most illogical and utterly contradictory line in the film. [b]y Christian's facial expression and tone of voice when he says "You're still a virign??? he would seem to be horrified and ready himself to run screaming out of the apartment but instead he takes Ana's head in his hands and asks with smoldering passion and the amazement of someone who's just witnessed a miracle at Lourdes and says, "Where have you Been???" Since the age of 15 every relation he's ever had has been either submissive or dominant. Furthermore, the women in his life--all 15 of them--have long been in the BDSM world, know exactly what is expected of them and and are eager for it, need it. Christian had already rejected Ana, realizing she is a romantic. So why then does he go practically into a state of mystical rapture when he discovers she's a virgin who's never even touched herself? This is only one of the hundreds of jarring contradictions in EL James book, which reads as if it was printed straight out of the computer and never again read by anyone with even a discerning eye, let alone a competent editor. And as I know James basically blackmailed Sam Taylor-Johnson, Kelly Marcel and the studio by threatening to go to her fan base and complain if the director and writer failed to include things from the book that she demanded be in the film as well. So if anyone is to blame for Ana's absurd sexual state in 2014 as opposed to 1967 and for the outrageous incongruity in Christian's character who sees Ana's virginity as a gift and not an impediment it is EL James and not the writer or director.

    OK, so that's one weird example of incongruity. The others have more to do with things being visible in scenes when they shouldn't have been. When Ana approaches Christian the morning after in the Heathman dressed in the clothes bought for her by Taylor, we can see in the back right hand corner of the room a pink dress slung over the back of a chair, It seems to be the same dress Ana will wear to dinner at the home of Christian's parents in Seattle. So what's it doing in the hotel room at the Heathman in Portland?

    And last--and I think this bugged me the most--when Ana goes off after having been beaten with the belt we find her dressed in the beautiful grey dressing gown that Christian always wraps her in after their sessions in the red room, so by all reckoning she should still be in his apartment. But what room is this?? That small bed with its wooden headboard and baseboard has never made an appearance in the movie and here we are only one scene from the end. At first I thought she was at home, but her bed is white iron. And then she's wearing the grey bathrobe, which she's never worn at home. Plus the very next scene takes place in the Great Room in Christians' apartment. So two questions follow: Did Christian have another room in his apartment, a bit funky and unlike any other room, with a funky little bed? Or did Ana return to Portland, 165 miles away and then return to Seattle in the early morning order to return the computer and whatever else the thing was on top of the computer? These are things that make someone with a sharp eye for continuity go crazy.

    That said, I loved the film and will not here admit how many times I've watched it. I have a great deal to say about it, but that's for another post. Meanwhile I would love to get feedback from as many members here who care to comment. Thanks.

  • Teresa Thursday, 28 May 2015

    the room Ana was in was at Christian apt. christian had a room for the subs to sleep in. he gave her that room when she agreed to sub for him.she returned his la top car keys and cellphone he gave her. read the book. all this was in the book.

  • Mrs. Chatterley Thursday, 28 May 2015

    Hi Teresa. I read all three books several times, so yes, I know about the sub room. In the scene at the end the room appeared to be completely different. It seemed smaller and the headboard appeared to be wooden. Eventually I froze the frame and realized it was just shadow and light.

  • Teresa Thursday, 28 May 2015

    christian was horrified and upset she didn't tell him she was a virgin. it was in the book. they changed his reaction in the movie. so blame the writer

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